From the mouths of jailhouse-babes:

12/09/2014 Dear Gabby,
     Over the years you've been more a friend to me than those that "say" it
     I have not gotten one single pen pal and the one I got was a liar.  Can you imagine that on Christmas.  :-)  LOL
     I am amazed at how desperate loneliness gets.  You are a wonderful person to have hosted us for so long.  I don't know what's lacking anymore....I adore you and what you started.
     Merry Christmas Sweet Man.



04/05/2013 Gabby,
     Thank you so very much for the pictures!  And also for taking time out of your busy day to send a letter or two.  You are awesome!   I really appreciate all that you do for me and others in the same situation.   Beyond words, I can not express my gratitude!
     Just letting you know that someone thinks you're great!

Danielle D.



08/03/2012      To all the males and females on the "outside", I'm speaking for us females on the "inside".  Every day we look forward to mail, to know that there is somebody out there that cares for us and that can take time out of their day to write us.
     I'm thankful for sites like this to help out and make that happen for us.

Chelsie H.



06/07/2011      Thank you - this site has provided me with a lot of mail, and many pen pals!  The compassion and companionship are priceless!



04/01/2011      I received a letter today thru jpay.com from a man I'm really interested in writing.   However, he did not include his address for me to write him.  Can you please find him for me?

     Also, can you stress to people using jpay.com that we cannot jpay them back, that they MUST include their mailing addresses?  We do not have access to email in our facility and must rely on snail mail.



12/15/2010      The services I have heard so much of and some of the old schools have gotten married and moved on with their life, and it's wonderful that people on the outside world are willing to correspond, to write inmates, and thanks for even caring about the people that are doing time and don't have no one to write, so God is blessing you every day for the good deed that you're doing.  :-)




11/21/2010      Happy Thanksgiving.  You should know that lots of people are thankful for what you do for us.  :-)




09/12/2010      I have paid to get on the MeetAnInmate, PrisonPrincesses and recently PaperDolls.  I have never gotten any response from MeetAnInmate or PrisonPrincesses.  I have been on the sites for almost a year. 
     I was wondering if you have reconsidered ending your site in 2011 and are accepting new ads.  I have heard so many positive things about your site.

     Thank you,


Follow-up:   Actually, I have reconsidered the dissolution and will keep the site on-line indefinitely. 


06/02/2010      I appreciate all the pictures you've done, the pen pal lists, your work is great and your love for us prisoners is righteous.

     God bless.



03/08/2010      Gabby,

     Thank you so much for my pictures.   They were perfect.  Exactly the ones I wanted!  And they came back so quick!  :-)

     If you do change your mind about the web site, I'll be the first to sign up.

     Thanks again!
          Jennifer M.



01/14/2010      My friend met her husband on your site and she's been married now 5 years and very happy.

     There is hope!  :-)



12/04/2009      Just F.Y.I., I'm engaged to a wonderful soldier in Iraq who I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for you & your services!

     I will send you an invitation & pictures to show others that you work!




11/14/2009      I really appreciate you, Gabby.

     Your web site is awesome, and out of the web sites offered, yours is the best to us incarcerated inmates.




09/02/2009 Dear Gabby Lounge,

     Hi.  I just wanted to say that I love the response I am getting from your site.  I am meeting some great people who I love corresponding with.  Your site rocks.  Thank you.

     Peace -

West Virginia


07/13/2009 Dear Gabby,

     Trust me when I say you made that place a world of difference, brought lots of joy, happiness, compatibility, even marriages - to those women - as well as making my life brighter.  God bless you, your family, your heart.  Many blessings to you.

     Gloria S.



06/29/2009 Gabby,

     Your kindness is so very much appreciated.

     Dear Gabby, I just wanted to say many thanks to you for providing a service that can help so very many inmates and bring a ray of sunshine into our lives.  You love so many people around you before coming to a prison, everyone's your friend, yet when times are tough you learn who really cares for you. 

   Gloria B.



05/28/2009 Gabby,

     Thank you for everything!   My time here is almost up, will you please remove my ad?

     Thank you so much.   You made all the difference in my time being bearable.



03/16/2009 Dear Gabby,

      I just wanted to write and thank you for the difference your service has made in my life!  This isn't my first time in prison (a fact I'm not proud of) but it is my first time ever posting an ad.   Doing time has always been very lonely for me - I figured it was part of my punishment, tho often times it did more harm than good.  As corny as this sounds - you changed everything for me.  As part of making changes in myself I found myself reaching out for support.  You gave me people to be my friend, to listen, to guide & to laugh with.  I can't possibly convey to you how grateful I am to you for helping me not be lonely anymore.

     May God bless you always.

     Thank you so much for your time, your help & your kindness.  I will never forget what you've done for me.




01/23/2009 I think what you're doing for incarcerated individuals is great, as some people can't afford to pay for ads and don't have anyone to correspond with.  Keep up the good work.  You will be blessed.



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