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Hello, my name is Antonio Galarza III, I am 23 years old, born in December.

I'm 5'8, 170 lbs., dark brown hair, brown eyes, with olive complexion.  I am Puerto Rican/Italian descent.  Raised on the south side of Chicago.

Some of my interests include law, mostly working on my case, and trying to get an earlier release date.  I like history, different ethnicities, heritages and how the world came to be as we know it.

I am an avid weight lifter and keeping in shape helps reduce the stress of this place.  I love animals, especially Dobermans.  I like to travel and enjoy camping, tattoos and art work.

I am open minded, honest, a good listener, assertive, patient, empathetic and confident.

This is a cold and lonely place and I am looking for a good friend to help put the smile back on my face.  I will answer all letters openly and honestly.  Feel free to throw a picture along.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Antonio Galarza III

Antonio Galarza III

Race: Italian/Puerto Rican Sexual Preference: Straight
Date of Birth: 12/08/1986 Age: 22
Release Date or Next Review Date: 2017 Marital Status  
Height: 5' 8" Weight: 180 pounds
Measurements: I wish to correspond with:
Hair Color Dark brown Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christian Children: 1 daughter
Education: Community college
Occupation/Career: Carpenter/Interior designer
Reason for incarceration: Aggravated Assault
Willing to relocate? Yes Home City & State: Chicago, Illinois

Posted: 11/07/2009  -  Expires: 2017  -  Ad Code:  FF09-173

Write to me at:
Antonio Galarza III  #R64578
Hill C.C.
600 South Linewood Road
Galesburg, IL 61402

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